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Shipping Policy

The shipments are delivered within 10 to 21 days. However, the shipped items may be delivered with a 10-day delay in some cases due to customs checking. Most customers receive their order right on time without any problems or complications. However, if problems such as late delivery or non-delivery do occur, feel free to contact us and inform our customer service agents regarding the issue. We will do our best to solve the problem in your best interest. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Order Cancellation Policy

Unlike other online pharmacies, we allow order cancellations. You have the option to cancel your order within 24 hours after you submit it. Be aware that is the ONLY timeframe within which you can cancel the order you made. The reason is simple, after 24 hours, the order is processed and shipped, so it would be impossible to cancel it later on.

We are unable to process late cancellations meaning the order you made will still arrive at your address.

What to do if you change your mind and want to cancel your order within 24 hours?

Contact our customer support by phone at +13127610317 or by sending an email to [email protected]. Our helpful support team will cancel your order immediately.

We remind you to enter a valid shipping address when making your order. Mistakes with shipping addresses could cause problems with delivery. Not only could your products arrive late, but non-delivery is also possible.

If you realize you made a mistake with the address after submitting the order, contact us via the abovementioned services (email or phone), and our customer service team will help you out.

Refund Policy

Our primary mission is to help the customers get the most from the medications they order. With an understanding of the importance of optimal sexual performance, we aim to help each and every customer get the best solutions they need. For that reason, we put a strong emphasis on the quality of medications.

In our online pharmacy, you can find generic medications which are equivalent to brand-name options. The term “generic” here indicates the medications have the same medical effect, formula, and chemical structure as “brand-name” counterparts. The only difference is that they are not sold under brand-name but in their basic form.

More precisely, generic medications produce the same benefits as their counterparts. As a result, you can expect them to take your sexual performance to a whole new level.

If, for whatever reason, you are still not satisfied with your experience and the effects produced by these medications, feel free to contact our customer service. Contact us by phone or email we mentioned above. Inform us about the problems and concerns you’re having. We will make a refund.

We advise you to read the label and instructions thoroughly. Adhere to the dosage recommendations because that is the optimal dose that works. Before contacting us for a refund, you need to make sure you followed all the instructions.

Unsatisfactory effectiveness of the drug could also stem from an unhealthy lifestyle (junk food and alcohol) which slow down the activity of medications. In other words, problems with effectiveness in most cases are not due to weak medications. For most people, the biggest culprit here is an unhealthy diet or failing to take the medications according to instructions.

The expected delivery of the parcel is 10 to 21 days, but if you don’t receive the parcel within this time frame, you may want to wait another 10 days before contacting our support time for a refund. The reason is simple; customs checking may delay the delivery by 10 days, which is something we cannot control.

If the product doesn’t arrive even after you’ve waited additional 10 days, please contact our customer support to apply for a refund. You can expect the reimbursement of your payment directly to the credit card you used to pay for your order. Keep in mind the refund process takes five to seven business days.

Privacy Policy

Customer satisfaction is our guide star. Every move we make is with the purpose of helping you have the best customer experience during and after placing your order. A great deal of customer experience accounts for privacy, discretion, and security. You’ll be happy to know we ensured the protection of your information. Discretion is important to us too, so you can be confident your info is safe and protected.

We do not share information with third-party service providers or anyone else. Every transaction on our website is 100% secure and protected thanks to 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), an encryption-based internet security protocol.

Moreover, independent and reputable agencies certified our billing servers. What this means for you is that independent bodies confirmed our efforts to provide safety and privacy are at the highest level of success.

In fact, not even customer service agents can see or read the credit card number you provide. They only see the last four digits, and that’s it.

The ironclad privacy policy is one of several reasons our online pharmacy stands out as the best and most popular.


Our company is not responsible for:

  • Delays in delivery that do not exceed 10 days after the specified estimated deliver days, 10 days after the expected delivery date/next business day in the case of local holidays
  • Failed delivery due to wrong information provided by the customer e.g. insufficient address, wrong address, etc.
  • Unsuccessful delivery is when a customer fails to claim the parcel, refuses to claim it, or if he prevents the successful completion of delivery in any other manner. In these instances, reshipping of the package is performed via International Regular Mail ONLY!
  • Delivery of generic medications that fail to meet customer’s expectations in terms of color, shape, size, and overall appearance. All information on our website, including product images/thumbnails, brand/marketing names, and other details, are for information purposes ONLY!
  • Dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of medications. Our company only provides these medications to customers. We are not responsible for the formulation, lack of customer’s adherence to the instructions, and other factors that may decrease the effectiveness of medications, all of which are not under the control of our company.

By placing an order, you confirm that you have read, fully understand, and agree with the abovementioned disclaimer. Refund requests citing any reason from this disclaimer will be immediately declined, considered a fraudulent action, and could lead to legal action. Customers may be banned from making any other purchase from our website from that point on.